Corriedale sheep

By Florencia

December 2, 2020

Corriedale breed sheep is the main wool quality Hilustrada uses on their pillow covers, crochet throws and tapestries. It is a medium wool, soft and with a high performance in everyday use. It doesn’t have the scratchy handfeel of thicker fibers and is not so delicate as merino.

Is one of the principal breed raised in Uruguay along Merino and Ideal breeds.
“The sheep breeds determine the diameter of the Uruguayan wool. The majority is defined as mid-micron wool (25 to 30 microns).”   (SUL, 2020)

These pictures are from a sheep farm in the department of Florida. We took these pictures in November when we visited the farm with my family. It was rare to found sheep with wool at that moment but the fact was that this female sheep group were with their just born babies and they couldn’t be sheared.

These are excellent examples of their breeds.

We enjoyed a sunny afternoon among them.

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